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Gone are the days of protein = steak. These days, protein comes in many forms, both plant and animal-based. Everything from crickets, to soy, to pea is appearing in our grocery carts as a protein source, promising strong, lean muscles! Protein sources are divided between Complete Proteins – which provide all 20 amino acids and Incomplete Proteins – which provide only some amino acids. This distinction is important when deciding what proteins you buy, as amino acids are the key building blocks of muscle tissue and are necessary for muscle recovery, repair and growth. Complete Proteins are sufficient when eaten by themselves to build muscle, whereas Incomplete Proteins must be eaten with another Incomplete Protein to achieve the same results. While there are several sources of Complete Protein, this article from TheSportsDaily explains why Whey Protein Isolate (the protein found in Blu-Dot) is the number one source for its ease of digestion, absorption and utilization by the body. To learn more, visit:

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