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Depressed by your last-minute meals? Eating too much pizza? Suffering from sandwich exhaustion? Practicing meal-planning might be your solution.  A way to ensure minimum-waste, maximum-variety, and optimum nutrition, meal planning is cost-effective, and can help ensure you get the appropriate level of protein in every meal, in order to support your fitness, or weight-loss goals. While it does take some initial time to plan and grocery shop, meal planning pays off. Preparing a selection of fruit and veg in your fridge, ready to add to any meal is a great start.  From there, have a variety of protein sources (plant and animal based) to work around, and some toppings (Nuts, seeds, legumes, quinoa)  which enhance flavour and bump up the protein count.  Setting aside an afternoon for prep is a smart idea if possible – so all you need to do is assemble each meal. Some sworn meal-planners even cook their protein in bulk and freeze in individual portion size containers for maximum ease. Of course – keeping a stash of high-protein snacks such as protein bars, or pistachios at the office, in the car, and in your purse is smart too, to help stave off those sugar cravings!

An idea of a great daily menu for maintaining protein levels would look like :

  • Breakfast: Omelet with Avocado and Pea Yogurt
  • Lunch: Salad with chicken and chickpeas and chilled quinoa
  • Dinner: Salmon with Cauliflower and Brussel Sprouts
  • Snack: Nut smoothie with protein powder and almond milk

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