What to expect when switching to a high-protein diet

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While most people eat protein every day and know what it feels like to have a protein-rich meal, unless we’re tracking our protein intake, and journaling our energy and activity levels, it can be hard to know if nutritional choices are making the impact we desire. In a recent article in Pop Sugar Fitness, a journalist shared her findings after a week of high-protein meals and CrossFit workouts. Despite mindful eating and intentional inclusion of varied protein sources, after a week of using a food-log, this writer found her protein intake was 15 g/day lower than she anticipated!  If you’re looking to see results, creating a baseline with a week of food logging can be a good starting point. When moving to a higher-protein diet, one should expect:

  1. Feelings of satiety
  2. Sugar cravings curbed
  3. Increased energy level
  4. Weight Loss
  5. Appetite Suppressant

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