The Blu-Dot Protein Tea Story

Great-tasting Green Tea with Protein and Fibre

Introducing Blu-Dot Protein Tea – the world’s first green tea fortified with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fibre.

Blu-Dot Protein Tea was designed as a recovery beverage for after exercise. It replaces lost fluids and contributes critical nutrients to repair muscle and aid in optimal body function.

Just one bottle of Blu-Dot Protein Tea contains as much protein as a scrambled egg and as much fibre as an apple! All for only 90 calories, and in 4 great-tasting superfruit flavours!

Blu-Dot Protein Tea is made with very high purity whey powder sourced from New Zealand and plant-based prebiotic fibre. It’s all-natural, gluten free, Non-GMO and contains only 6 grams of sugar.

Compared with most other protein drinks, ready-to-drink Blu-Dot Protein Tea is light and refreshing – not heavy, calorific or gloopy. Whatever your sport, pursuit or goal, Blu-Dot Protein Tea can help you live well.

Critical nutrients to fuel your body

  • One of the major structural components of all cells in the human body, especially muscle
  • An essential daily nutrient for growth and maintenance
  • Required by athletes in higher-than-normal quantities to repair and rebuild muscles broken down by exercise
  • Promotes a feeling of satiety, helping the body feel fuller for longer, leading to weight loss and lean muscle gain
  • Health Canada recommends Canadian women and men consume 46 grams and 56 grams of protein per day respectively
  • Protein from dairy (whey) is considered a “complete protein”, containing all 9 amino acids required by our bodies
  • Blu-Dot Protein Tea is formulated with whey isolate – a very pure source of protein with a high “Efficiency Ratio”, indicating excellent bio-availability
  • Dietary fibre is the indigestible portion of food derived from plants – either soluble or non-soluble
  • Fermentation of soluble fibre (like the inulin found in Blu-Dot Protein Tea) in the gut produces short-chain fatty acids, which increase the absorption of minerals including calcium, magnesium and iron, and promotes an increase in the quantity and health of gut flora
  • Consumption of fibre has been proven to lower total and LDL cholesterol, which helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Consuming fibre with protein helps to amplify feelings of satiety
  • Health Canada recommends Canadian women and men consume 25 grams and 38 grams of protein per day respectively

One bottle of Blu-Dot Protein Tea contains as much protein as a scrambled egg and as much fibre as an apple!


With 10g of protein, 5g of fibre and only 90 calories, Blu-Dot Protein Tea contains good sources of protein and fibre (20% of recommended daily allowance) for less than 5% of the suggested daily caloric intake

*For an average woman, 19 – 50 years old

Our Delicious Flavours

Blueberry Acai

Blueberry Acai flavored Green Tea

Cranberry Pomegrante

Cranberry Pomegranate flavored Green Tea

Orange Pineapple

Orange Pineapple flavored Green Tea

Cherry Mango

Cherry Mango flavored Green Tea

Apple Pear

Apple Pear flavoured Green Tea (US only)

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